Umrah Flights FAQ

Frequently ask question

  1. Why Should we book with you? We are the only Umrah agent specializing in Umrah Flights and also have airline allocations (Pre-reserved seats) like BA, Saudi, British Midlands. When you do not find seats with anyone else, we will provide you with seats with price assurance. All our flights are ATOL protected as well.
  2. I have some questions regarding visa, can you help? Yes, we can. Please call us with your query at 0203 0262651. You can also reach Saudi embassy direct at 020 7917 3000. They have the latest information on all visa queries.
  3. Can I get a visa on my own? No, you have to go through an authorized Umrah agent. We can manage it for you as well.
  4. What would be the Umrah Visa cost? Umrah Visa cost is usually £75 per person regardless of age. But it keeps changing. So please call us to confirm.
  5. Do I need a transit visa in addition to Umrah Visa? In certain cases for certain passports, yes. Please call Saudi embassy at 020 7917 3000 for further information.
  6.  Can I book hotels and transport on my own for Umrah? No, you have to book through an Umrah agent.
  7. Can I stay with my relatives in KSA? No, it is not allowed. 
  8. Can I perform Umrah after visiting my home country? We only offer that service for Pakistan in certain cases. Please call for more details.
  9. Can I perform Umrah before visiting my home country? Yes, that is very much possible.
Please feel free to email us your questions at sardar@ukhajjumrah.travel. We will be happy to help.