Pilgrims this year are advised to book their seats for performing Hajj or Umrah well in advance, to avoid any on-time inconvenience

This year the influx of the Hajjis in Mecca will be limited due to the construction work going on in the Holy Mosque. This has been in the new Hajj policy issued by the Saudi Government for this year. The Pilgrims who have planned to perform Hajj has already booked flights with their country’s airlines.

Different Hajj services are offering different Hajj packages which range from economic packages to VIP packages. The price range of these packages varies according to the facilities and flight arrangements provided by the Hajj and Umrah services company.

These Hajj and Umrah services team up with the local and international airlines to provide the best and quality services without delay. Most of the countries, especially Islamic countries, arrange special Hajj and Umrah flights to transport the Hajjis towards their destination without any delay. These flights are dedicated to only Hajj or Umrah pilgrims. Their timings are intimidated to the pilgrims, and they are required to book their flights in advance with the airline companies, to avoid any inconvenience.

Muslims who intend to perform Hajj this year on their own, without availing the Hajj and Umrah Packages, are advised to book their seats well in advance with the airline of their choice to avoid any on time inconvenience.

Saudi Government and local authorities are also making efforts to enable smooth functioning of the Hajj and Umrah flights this year, to make the pilgrims comfortable and to enable them to perform their religious obligation with religious zeal and enthusiasm.