The national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia is expanding operations to service their customers in a better way. This was stated in a meeting of board of directors of the airlines. The meeting was attended by high ranking officials of Saudi airlines along with GACA president Sulaiman Al-Hamdan.

The meeting was held in the headquarters of Saudi where the board of directors vowed to increase operations including Hajj and Umrah to cater better services to the Muslims across the globe. The board stressed that efforts made by the board of directors and employees of the airline must be enhanced to make sure that the national airline meets its goals set for 2015.

Director General of Saudi airlines gave a presentation to the board highlighting key achievements in the past year. He told the board that the airline managed to cater a record 28.18 million passengers in 2014 which was 2.31 million in 2013. This significant increase in passengers travelled is due to the fact that several new aircrafts joined the airline in the year 2014. He also said that the total number of seats that had been made available in the previous year increased 2.51 million with the total coming to 32.53 million. This comparison was done with previous year 2013.

Al Jasser, Director General, Saudi said that in recent years more than 70 aircraft have joined the airline which enabled them to be able to process more people and provide them with a safe and economical transport mean for Hajj, Umrah and general travelling. The total strength of the Saudi fleet is more than 150 passenger and cargo airlines. Al Jasser also proposed a new budget for the airline which would help it improve customer service and get positive feedback from the users. The board also discussed plans for future development and budget allocation for the new developments at different airports across the country.